Austin, TX Solid State Drive Destruction

GigaBiter is the Industry LEADER in Secure Electronic Destruction and operates all across the country out of our Secure Mobile Electronic Destruction Vehicles (SMEDVs) for the on-site destruction of your data storage devices and electronic waste.

Efficiently erasing data from solid state drives and media (SSDs) is a critical component of securing and eliminating your Austin, TX organization’s risk data. Since the internal technology behind SSDs is different than hard drive disks, the process of destroying solid state drives is also different.

In order to guarantee complete destruction of solid-state media, it is crucial to destroy your SSDs to the smallest possible particle size. GigaBiter destroys all solid-state drives to federal specific requirements including NSA/CSS Specification 13-09. The NSA/CSS specification requires solid state material to be destroyed to 2 mm. Unlike traditional hard drives, SSDs data is not eliminated through degaussing. Total destruction is the only option for these data rich electronics. GigaBiter is the leader in this service and offers this solution with your company overseeing the entire process, for security control. GigaBiter can be on site with our Secure Mobile Electronic Destruction Vehicle (SMEDV).


Solid State Drives are a common storage option


GigaBiters’ patented technology mechanically grinds your SSD drives and media devices into fine 2mm granules. Our mechanical process does not use any solvents or other hazardous chemicals that can harm people or the environment. Our destruction process results in 100% recyclable material. There is absolutely zero waste, which means nothing goes into landfills.

For more information on the Solid State Media Destruction process and machines refer to our machines.