GB21 Hard Drive/Solid State System

HHD’s, SSD’s, cell Phones, circuit boards, thumb drives and more……

The GB21 System functions as follows:

  • The material is introduced into the Particle Cut Shredder via Infeed Conveyor.
  • This machine performs the initial breakdown of the product, reducing it to random length pieces.
  • This product is then conveyed to a rotary lock, which dispenses the product into the Upper Hammermill.
  • Upon initial impact, the swinging hammers reduce the materials through a heavy-duty spaced bar screen.
  • The materials filter through to the Lower Hammermill assembly and are further reduced through a screen.
  • The destroyed materials are discharged from beneath the Bottom Hammermill directly into a 55 gallon drum.
  • Utilizing two pickup points, a heavy-duty vacuum system collects airborne particles to ensure a clean process.
The GB21 System is listed on the NSA/CSS Evaluated

The GB21 System includes:

  • Cleated In-Feed Conveyor
    – Feeds Model 20 Pierce and Tear
  • Model 20 Pierce and Tear Shredder
  • Cleated In-Feed Conveyor
    – Feeds initial Hammermill
  • Rotary Lock
  • Two 40 Hp. Hammermills
  • Stackable Frame
  • Dust Collection with Rotary Lock
  • Service Platform with Stairs