Why Choose Us?

GigaBiter is the Industry LEADER in Secure Electronic Destruction and operates all across the country out of our Secure Mobile Electronic Destruction Vehicles (SMEDVs) for the on-site destruction of your data storage devices and electronic waste.


GigaBiter, from the very beginning, understood the importance of trust and evolution. Evolving from a moving and storage company, to a record storage company, to a paper destruction company and finally a Austin, TX data destruction company. With technology advancing dramatically, the vision of GigaBiter was born. GigaBiter developed the Secure Mobile Electronic Destruction Vehicle(SMEDV) that is able to degauss, shred, crush, disintegrate, and/or destroy all information bearing material put forth in the NSA/CSS Manual 9-12, NIST Special Publication 800-88, and the NISPOM. GigaBiter can develop a proper and secure destruction solution for any type of material ensuring that your Austin, TX company is compliant with every Local, State, and Federal law regarding Security, Privacy and Environmental concerns.


Electronic devices are the fastest growing waste stream, representing unparalleled opportunities for hackers and data thieves. The slightest data breach is a risk no Austin, TX company or Austin, TX agency can afford. Demand for secure, compliant and absolute erasure and destruction of hard drives, solid state drives, and other computer equipment has grown exponentially and GigaBiter is here to help Austin, TX.

We consult with you and offer the best solutions for your data destruction. GigaBiter assures complete security and compliance. Our Secure Mobile Electronic Destruction Vehicle (SMEDV) is brought to your Austin, TX facility or Austin, TX business where a complete chain of custody is ensured.


GigaBiter owns and manufactures highly specialized, proprietary technology that destroys digital assets making your data destruction secure, compliant and absolute.
That is right GigaBiter builds and patents our machines, which means we have the technology that you cannot find elsewhere. GigaBiter technology is cutting edge and truly a leader in the industry. Our expertise is supported by superior technology, facilities, and security systems necessary for providing our clients with regulatory compliance, enhanced information security, and improved business processes.

Equipped with the most cutting-edge NSA evaluated, NIST compliant technology; our SMEDV is the most absolute, complete piece of mind settling equipment out there. We offer on-site data destruction services including hard drive degaussing, 2 mm destruction and tape shredding, complete site and data center decommissioning, and e-waste removal and recycling.


GigaBiter partners with our customers to provide complete secure and compliant data destruction. The secure destruction industry is constantly changing, and it is critical that you receive the right solution that best supports your specific needs. You can rest assured we will exceed your expectations and give you peace of mind that your data risk has been eliminated.

Our team is comprised of experienced personnel in logistics, asset tracking, removal, destruction, e-waste and recycling. Our customers trust us, and our history speaks for itself.

Call or email to speak to someone at GigaBiter today to see how you can keep your data safe.