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Mobile. Secure. Destruction

GigaBiter is currently building a fleet of Secure Mobile Electronic Destruction Vehicles (SMEDVs) for the on-site destruction of your electronic waste. Our exclusive destruction system can come to your location, making it ideal for hard drive destruction. That means electronic equipment and media that may contain sensitive data or information is completely under your control and oversight right up to the time that it's turned to dust. Better still, our process is much more secure than hard drive "wiping" (hard drive erasure). GigaBiter then hauls away the grindings for final sorting and recycling.

Our SMEDV fleet has many advantages for those looking for a secure and environmentally friendly way of disposing of their electronic waste.

  • on-site
  • GigaBiter's exclusive, patented destruction process is the newest technology in mobile information destruction
  • 100% secure--meets or surpasses all U.S. Government standards for the destruction of sensative and other material, including NSA standards and the NIST 800-36 Directive
  • Ideal for destruction of hard drives, tapes, CD/DVDs, PDAs, cell phones and other computer and electronic equipment -- better than erasing hard drives.
  • saves labor and logistics costs

Complete Mobile Solution

GigiBiter's two-step process ensures that all sensitive information is destroyed from storage devices before it shredded and ground. These grindings are then transported to our facilities for sorting into their respective elements like silica (glass), aluminum, and ferrous metals, which are then recycled.

  • GPS tracking
  • Online monitoring
  • Destruction is digitally recorded for your records

Government Approved. Developed in conjunction with the U.S. Government, not only does our process surpass published DoD regulations for the destruction of information, but also it surpasses all U.S. Government standards for the destruction of extremely sensative and other material. Our mobile destruction services also meet and exceed the National Institue for Standards and Technology 800-36 Directive

On-Site. GigaBiter comes to your facility, where the destruction process is performed under your watchful eye. Sensitive material never leaves your control and oversight.

100% Recyclable. Like our exclusive destruction process, our fleet of SMEDVs grind your hard drives and computer equipment into 100% recyclable material. There is absolutely zero waste, so no landfills--anywhere.

Environmentally Friendly. Our mechanical process does not use any solvents or other hazardous chemicals that can harm people or the environment. Did we mention that our process results in material that is 100 percent recyclable?

Gigabiters Secure Mobile Electronic Destruction Vehicle fleet can come to your facility today!

Our fleet has started to arrive and is on the road. If you want to be informed when the fleet is in your area, please drop us a line and we will put you on our schedule..

Computer destruction is only one part to avoiding all the risks of e-waste. Learn more about GigaBiter's E-risk assessments and consulting services to avoid E-risks in the future.