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GigaBiter Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder System


5GBHD3HP Hard Drive Shredder
w/ reusable steel shipping container
Gigabiterís Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder System is your total solution to fully destroying unwanted hard drives, cell phones, and other electronic storage devices. Built with Gigabiterís superior, proven technology, the system contains a reusable steel shipping container, a 12.5 KW diesel generator, and 5GBHD3HP Hard Drive Shredder. This container has the ability to hold both the generator and shredder comfortably and be shipped to wherever your service is needed. So whether you are a destruction service provider, Records and Information Management (RIM) Center, or an e-scrap recycler, Gigabiterís Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder System is an ideal tool to have with the ever growing demand for data protection.

GigaBiter Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder System packed up
and ready to be shipped anywhere!
The system includes a 5GBHD3HP Hard Drive Shredder, which is powered by a 3 Hp motor and high-torque drive train. This powerful shredder can destroy 10-12 hard drives a minute - thatís up to 600 hard drives per hour! Features of the GigaBiter Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder System include:
  • Reusable steel shipping container with flip down ramp for easy loading and unloading of machines
  • Powerful 12.5 KW diesel generator
  • Extremely rugged and durable Gigabiter 5GBHD3HP Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder, with a gravity-feed input chute and aggressive hooked cutters made from heat-treated tool steel
  • Cost-effective, secure destruction of hard drives and electronic materials

GigaBiter Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredders

12GBHD20HP Hard Drive Shredder
w/ optional in-feed conveyor
Gigabiterís rugged, high-capacity Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredders meet the growing need for destruction of computer hard drives, optical media, and other electronic storage devices (cell phones, handheld devices, laptop computers, etc.). GigaBiter Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredders offer reliable, cost-effective destruction of obsolete electronic materials that pose a threat to data security and tax our landfills.

With its 12" x 2" opening, its 20 Hp motor can destroy two hard drives at a time. The 12GBHD20HP shredder is heavy duty and built to last. It will quickly decimate any hard drive, computer, or e-scrap that can fit inside, handling high volumes while leaving a small footprint. Itís the ideal solution for e-scrap recyclers, information destruction service providers, and Records & Information Management centers. In short, itís priced right, sized right, and will get the job done well for any company that needs to securely, quickly destroy sensitive information.

12GBHD20HP Hard Drive Shredder
w/ manual feed
Features of the GigaBiter 12GBHD20HP Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder:

  • Swift destruction of hard drives, server drives, mobile devices, e-scrap, laptop computers (without batteries), and more
  • Compact, heavy duty machine with small footprint; mounted on casters for easy mobility
  • Opportunity for service providers and RIM centers to add an additional, reliable income stream
  • Comes with an optional in-feed conveyor allowing the operator to dump a box of hard drives into the hopper, and watch the variable speed conveyor deliver them to their ultimate demise