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How GigaBiter Works

GigaBiter provides a complete solution to avoiding the risks electronic waste poses for companies and individuals. From the risk assessment to destruction to certification, GigaBiter provides a chain of custody using bar-coding and GPS tracking so each client is certain their e-waste was destroyed and sent for recycling.

A typical computer destruction process for a medium sized company includes:

Risk Assessment

GigaBiter consultants work with the company to identify potential e-risks and develop a plan to mitigate them, comply with laws and regulations, and dispose and recycle the equipment using our patented destruction process.


GigaBiter handles all the logistics of locating, tagging, packing, and shipping all equipment marked for disposal. GigaBiter locates all computers, monitors, and other electronic equipment to be disposed, no matter where it is located.


GigaBiter barcodes each piece of equipment with unique locator numbers. If the information is particularly sensitive, GigaBiter will record the serial numbers of any hard drives and other media.

Shipping to GigaBiter's Facility

All equipment is shipped to GigaBiter's facilities for final destruction and sorting.


Each piece of equipment is destroyed using GigaBiter's patented destruction process. The equipment becomes fine grindings that are sort into their respective materials.


There is no waste from GigaBiter's process. The sorted grindings are recycled into everyday items.


If requested, at the end of the process the client is provided with a destruction report including serial numbers and a detailed chain of custody. They also receives a Certificate of Destruction to be assured that their e-waste has been disposed and recycled in a manner that protects company and employee privacy and the environment.