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E-Risk Avoidance Consulting

We do more than destroy your electronic waste, we can help your company avoid the privacy and environmental risks from e-waste.

  • Our consultants can identify potential liabilities;
  • create programs to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations;
  • education and training programs to support people in the field and make them more successful at providing destruction & disposal services;
  • asset management and end of life management; and
  • help develop systems to ensure tracking and auditability of e-waste disposal and safeguarding private information.

GigaBiter can audit your company for risks stemming from e-waste and help develop a plan incorporating due diligence, chain of custody and 100% compliance that ensures total risk avoidance in the future.

Stop Throwing Away Confidential Information

There is a low-tech way for people to access your company's confidential data and the private information of your employees. While IT and security experts worry about hackers, zombies, and zero day attacks, your company is probably throwing away its valuable secrets in the trash on old hard drives and other electronic media. GigaBiter consultants focus on the most obvious and glaring vulnerabilites companies have: e-waste.

Comprehensive E-Risk Assessment and Consulting

Talk with GigaBiter to assess your e-risk vulnerability and how GigaBiter can create a comprehensive program to turn your e-risk into dust.