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E-Waste: Privacy & Environmental Risks

Old computer equipment becomes waste that poses a myriad of environmental risks, while information stored on old hard drives presents a host of security and privacy risks. GigaBiter addresses these risks with its complete destruction services that is the only truly green solution.

Electronic Risk (E-Risk) is the electronic information and environmental liability for your company. Most computer "recycling" companies only refurbish, degauss, overwrite hard drives and/or resale the micro chips and other components on the open world market using third party companies. There is really no way of knowing where your electronic equipment will end up or with whom.

This creates two risks for your business: Privacy and Environmental. Many myths and much misinformation surrounds the privacy and environmental risks of e-waste, and what "recycling" really means.

Privacy Risks

National, corporate and personal information is being sent out into the world on old hard drives or improperly "erased" drives. This is a serious compromise of sensitive information. Privacy risks from discarded drives exposes a company up to the possibility of fines, law suites and bad press just to name a few.

Environmental Risks

Most of the recycled or resold computer equipment, including drives, end up in huge landfills scattered throughout the world in nations such as Russia, China and Africa. There, extremely poor people work with hazardous chemicals to retrieve the precious metals hidden within the circuit boards, causing both health damage and environmental degradation.

GigaBiter’s Solution is our patented process that eliminates both the Security and Environmental risks associated with electronic destruction. We invite you to learn more about GigaBiter's complete solution that not just manages, but eliminates the e-risk's associated with computer waste and "recycling."

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Most Computer “Recyclers” sell components or dump equipment in Third-World countries, often with disastrous environmental results.
The most environmentally friendly method of recycling is destruction, where the grinds are sorted and recycled with no waste.