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Houston Hard Drive Destruction, and Disposal.
Delete your Hard Drive Data for good using our Shredder and Degausser in Houston TX and surrounding areas.

GigaBiter turns to dust all computer components and other electronics waste. In fact, any electronic equipment with a cord or a battery:

  • hard drives
  • monitors
  • CPUs
  • phone systems
  • copiers
  • printers

Gigibiter takes all computer equipment and mechanically grinds them into fine granules. These grindings are then sorted into their respective elements like silica (glass), aluminum, and ferrous metals for recycling.

No Waste. GigaBiter's destruction process results in 100% recyclable material. There is absolutely zero waste, so no landfills--anywhere.

Environmentally Friendly. Our mechanical process does not use any solvents or other hazardous chemicals that can harm people or the environment. Did we mention that our process results in material that is 100 percent recyclable?

Chain of Custody. GigaBiter employs bar-code and GPS tracking to ensures that all client equipment is destroyed. Each client is provided with a full audit trail and report down to the serial number on each hard drive if requested.

Tape Degaussing and Shredding. For the ultimate in security and protection, our NSA designed high-speed degausser erases tapes in 1.5 seconds (compared to 40 seconds) before shredding them. Best yet, mobile trucks bring this service to your door without having your sensitive data travel off-site

If your looking to Destroy and Recycle old computers or Hard Drive Destruction, Degaussing, Shredding, and Disposal in the Houston TX area and want to make sure none of your information is compromised give us a call.