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Our Company and Mission

Our Mission is to be the Premiere Global Provider of Computer and Electronic Destruction Services.

GigaBiter strives to help its clients achieve zero risk when it comes to e-waste. To this end, GigaBiter provides the following e-risk avoidance services:

We know that our clients cannot contract out of their responsibility for the damages and costs of e-waste, so we provide the highest level of customer service.

Total Solution, Worldwide

GigaBiter provides a global solution to the global problem of electronic waste, so we help clients with:

  • due diligence;
  • compliance with local, state, and national laws and regulations;
  • risk assessment and avoidance; and
  • complete chain of custody and audits so clients know with certainty that their e-risk has been turned to dust.

GigaBiter destroys e-waste that can then be recycled 100 percent. We are not a "recycler" who strips computers, sells what components they can, and then dumps the rest in landfills in the United States and abroad. GigaBiter's patented destruction process is the most environmentally friendly and secure method available, that meets stringent standards globally.

As part of our commitment to reducing e-risks, GigaBiter has affiliations and memberships in e-waste management associations across the world.

Partner With GigaBiter

E-waste is a far-reaching, global issue. GigaBiter is growing to meet this need. If your company is looking to tackle tough problems and provide best of breed service, there are partnering opportunities with GigaBiter. Read our partnering page for more information.