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Privacy Risks of Electronic Waste

Loss of personal and corporate data has been in the news far too often. Hacking, stolen laptops, and other scams grab the headlines, but your personal information and your organization's confidential data run a far greater risk from discarded hard drives and removable media. The ramifications to your personal finances, corporate reputation, and exposure to litigation are enormous.

  • Improper disposal of drives and removable media containing personal and corporate information likely presents the greatest risk compared to high-profile intrusions and thefts.
  • There is really no way of knowing where your electronic equipment will end up or with whom.
  • Other measures to remove data like erasure, overwriting, and degausing cannot ensure complete removal or can be overcome by motivated wrongdoers.
  • Releases of personal information has cost companies hundreds of millions in fines, lawsuits, and lost customers.

Privacy risks from discarded drives exposes a company up to the possibility of fines, law suites and bad press just to name a few.

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Almost all of the privacy risk of drives and removable media comes from what you don't know. You don't know what:

  • confidential or personal information resides on the media;
  • where that media goes once it is turned over to the "recycler" or waste management firm; or
  • whether erasures, overwriting or degaussing was successful in removing data.

With Destruction You Know

GigaBiter’s Solution is a patented process that eliminates the privacy risks associated with electronic destruction. GigaBiter maintains complete control from the moment it leaves your facility until it is ground into dust. Our audit provides a trail of each drive and media throughout the process.  Drives are completely de-laminated, de-magnetized and ground down to sand size granules so no retrievable information is even possible.

We invite you to learn more about GigaBiter's complete solution that not just manages, but eliminates the e-risk's associated with computer waste and "recycling."

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Overwritten data can be recovered by motivated individuals. Improperly degaussed hard drives does not remove all data, and rarely are drives rechecked to ensure all data has been erased.