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Myths of Computer "Recycling"

There is an enormous amount of misinformation about computer "recycling." Following are "Mythbusters," information to correct the myths that pervade the computer waste management issue, so you can fulfill your due diligence under the law.

Myth: Computer Recyclers reuse 100% of a computer or electronic equipment

Reality: Recyclers are in business to make money reselling components of your old equipment and nothing more. Most simply discard non-resalable components or send them to dump locations around the globe.

Myth: A Certificate of Destruction from a "recycler" removes any liability for privacy or environmental violations or damage.

Reality: You can not sign away your liability for privacy or environmental issues.

Myth: Original data can never be recovered from an overwritten hard drive

Reality: Over writing is just that, writing over data. The data is still there just hidden under meaningless script. The folks that want your data know what they are looking for and know how to get it.

Myth: Overwriting or cleansing a hard drive or media is 100% effective.

Reality: According to the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), 10% of all hardrives have defects or abnormalities which prevent them from being completely cleaned. The difficulty is identifying the 10% that are not cleaned.

Myth: Most electronic destruction / recycling companies use secure locations for their processing plants.

Reality: Not true, some companies state their destruction is done in highly secured, highly monitored government facilities with tight supervision. But after looking more closely, it is the Department of Justice Prison Systems UNICOR.

Do you really want your sensitive information being handled by Federal Prisoners?

Myth: It dosen't really matter which degausser you use as long as it works.

Reality: Not true, not all degaussers are created equally no matter who approves them. Degaussers have different strengths and you need to know what strengths to use on which hard drives & tapes in order for the degauss to work properly. If the degauss is not done properly, you have just opened yourself up to a huge risk. Be sure, contact us and we'll explain.