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Truly Green
E-Waste Recycling

Dust. Sorted Dust.

That is the end product of GigaBiter's patented e-waste destruction process. The grounds from each computer are separated into their various elements such as plastic, glass, aluminum, steel, and more, which are then recycled. GigaBiter's process produces zero waste, making it the only true green e-waste removal solution. Recycling Equation

  • GigaBiter grinds computers into fine particles like sand, and then separates them by their respective elements
  • GigaBiter's process produces zero waste, everything is recycled.
  • Unlike most "recyclers." GigaBiter's solution is 100 percent environmentally friendly.

Zero Waste

We reuse everything and nothing is discarded. There are no unwanted parts that can't be resold and dumped in a landfill. Our process is purely mechanical, so no hazardous chemicals are used in separating materials that could harm people or the environment.

The Only True Recycling Solution

Most Computer "recyclers" are in business to make money reselling components of your old equipment and nothing more. What they cannot reuse, most simply discard. or send them to dump locations around the globe.

The grinds from GigaBiter's process are recycled into everyday household items. GigaBiter is the only environmentally friendly solution to the growing e-waste problem. [Our process conforms to European and U.S. green laws and regulations for e-waste disposal.]